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SGPC Services

At SGPC, we offer services and programs that are aimed at helping young parents along the journey of parenthood. We are a non-profit 501-(C)(3) medical clinic with a CLIA-certified lab. Our certified RNs offer professional medical care as well as parenting education at no cost to the client. The goal of our medical professionals is to offer you the best medical care and education possible. Our medical services include:


Post-Abortion Counseling Services

At SGPC we recognize many men and women experience an unresolved feeling after an abortion. For some this is right after the abortion and for others these feelings can surface years later. SGPC is that safe place that is available to you to talk one on one with a trained client advocate or medical professional to promote healing emotionally and spiritually. We offer an 8 week post abortion individualized program and can refer a client to an intensive weekend retreat called Rachel’s Vineyard.


Material Assistance Services

Amom can earn “Mommy Money” by investing her time in our L.E.A.P. Program and other community resources or services that invest in her life as a woman and mom. This play money can be used to buy new baby items such as baby clothes, car seats, pack and plays, diapers, and other maternity/baby items we have for sale in Gracie’s Baby Boutique.


GED Testing Services

Adult (at least 18 years of age) family members who have not yet earned a high school diploma have the opportunity to participate in the Worcester County Adult Education GED Program. Through the services of one of our board members, persons interested in this program can be tested right at SGPC and even take classes on site or at one of the 11 other sites in the county where instruction is offered. The GED classes prepares students to take computer-generated tests in language arts, math, science, and social studies.


In-Home Visit Services

Home visits would include observation and evaluation of the mother and the baby and appropriate referrals would be recommended. SGPC sees the value of home visits and desires to see the following outcomes: Promote health and safety, strengthen the mother/baby bond, enhance parenting skills and promote healthy growth and development of the baby.


Limited Ultrasound Services

SGPC offers limited ultrasounds examinations for purposes of confirming an intrauterine pregnancy, detecting fetal cardiac activity, and estimating gestational age. Our ultrasounds are not for the purposes of diagnosing or detecting any medical problem or condition for the baby or client. Ultrasounds are performed by a trained RN in sonography and overseen by a medical physician.


Addiction Counseling Services

On average a baby will be born every 19 minutes according to a Reuters Investigation. (2015) SGPC desires to be the link which will connect every mother with addictions to the appropriate facility and or program where they will feel valued, safe and loved. Ms. Jackie Failla, SGPC’s RN was invited by Delegate Mary Beth Carozza on Worcester County Warriors against opiate addictions.


Adoption Counseling Services

SGPC, as part of its options counseling, presents the option of what an adoption plan looks like so the client can make an informed decision. The Center is not affiliated with any adoption agencies but we are often the first ones to discuss this option with the mother.  Birth parents get to be in control of the adoption plan they make and usually choose between three types of adoption: open, partially open and confidential. We offer ongoing support for the birth parents before, during and after the adoption as they work with the adoption agency.

SGPC Programs

In addition, we offer numerous programs to help educate young parents on basic parenting skills, provide opportunities for bonding with children, network with other parents, role models and experts, and provide material assistance to parents. These programs are led by professional RNs who have years of experience tending to infants and passing on knowledge to new parents. The following are the programs we offer.

Young Moms of the Shore meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday nights at the Community Church of Ocean Pines at 6 pm
YMS is a Joint effort with MOPS of Ocean Pines/Berlin.

Young Moms of the Lower Shore meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays nights at the Pocomoke High School at 6 pm
YMLS is a Joint effort of SGPC and committed community members.

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